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 Pantela, also known as The Lost Continent, is a location a few days flight west of Pyrrhia mentioned in Darkstalker (Legends), Runaway, and Darkness of Dragons. It is mentioned that Clearsight, as a young dragonet, dreams about exploring and finding it but is dissuaded, seeing that the path where she left to find it, ended in her death somewhere over the sea because that path was so unlikely and/or difficult. When she is at Darkstalker's home, she notices he has a scroll titled "Myths of the Lost Continent". Later, after betraying and imprisoning Darkstalker, Clearsight decided to go and find it. It is shown in Clearsight's visions to have animals she hadn't seen before, as well as colorful dragons of unknown tribes as well as a new love and possibly different dragonets. Tui confirmed that Clearsight flew there.

The Lost Continent can be found west of Pyrrhia, and it would take multiple days to reach it by flight.

Tui has mentioned in an interview that she may use Clearsight's journey in the Lost Continent for the third arc, and it will feature new, unheard of tribes. Possibilities for these may be StormWings (the tribe Tui said she would be in) and GrassWings (the original eighth tribe that Tui removed by the final draft of The Dragonet Prophecy).

In the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons, Qibli and Moonwatcher find the residence of Jerboa, a very old animus SandWing. She shows them a dragon who she is taking care of. Qibli notices that the dragon looks nothing like "normal" dragons. He believes it's a hybrid until he realizes that the mysterious dragon has no features of any of the seven dragon tribes. Jerboa says it's their first visitor from the Lost Continent.

It has been confirmed by Tui that the Lost Continent is called Pantela by its inhabitants, though she may decide to change that name. Pantela, like Pyrrhia, will be in the shape of a dragon. The tribes that inhabit Pantela have the suffix -"Wings" at the end of their names, similar to the Dragons of Pyrrhia.

Tui also confirmed that Clearsight's arrival at Pantela had an enormous impact on the tribes that live there. What that impact is is yet to be known.

Also, in the post-epilogue of Darkstalker (Legends), it states:

"Post-Epilogue - Two Thousand Years Later

Centuries later, as the dragon planet spun through space, a comet passed by, close enough to shine like a fourth moon in Pyrrhia's sky.

Close enough to change the tides and shake the continents. As earthquakes rumbled through the ground, long-buried rocks shifted that had been in place for thousands of years.

Deep underground, in the darkness, copper wires snapped.

And a dragon awoke..."

—US Hardcover - Page 366

As the word "continents" is plural, this indicates the Lost Continent does, in fact, exist.


  • Pantala is a genus of dragonflies, matching Pyrrhia being a genus of moth. This could affect how the Pantela dragons look like. This raises a possibility of four-winged dragons.

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