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 Pantala, also known as The Lost Continent, is a location a few days flight (or swim) west of Pyrrhia mentioned in the Second arc of the Wings of Fire Series. Before, Pantala was thought to be too far away to fly to, but at the end of Darkness of Dragons, it was revealed that a dragon from Pantala had flown (or swam) to Pyrrhia, proving the theory to be wrong. It is mentioned that Clearsight, as a young dragonet, dreams about exploring and finding it. Ironically, she found the continent after the betrayal of Darkstalker. It has also been confirmed by Tui that the dragons from Pantala will be based off of insects, and in DoD Hope mentions this. She tells Moon to research "the Legend of the Hive." She says it might give her ideas about the missing tribes, which also presented the the idea of the Pantalan dragons living in hives rather than tribes.

History Edit

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

When Clearsight is at Darkstalker's house, she notices he has a scroll titled "Myths of the Lost Continent". Later, after betraying and imprisoning Darkstalker, Clearsight decides to go and find it. It is shown in Clearsight's visions to have animals she hadn't seen before, as well as colorful dragons of unknown tribes as well as a new love and possibly different dragonets. Tui confirmed that Clearsight flew there.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

In the epilogue of Darkness of Dragons, Qibli and Moonwatcher find the residence of Jerboa, daughter of the animus Jerboa. She shows them a dragon who she is taking care of. Qibli notices that the dragon looks nothing like "normal" dragons. He believes the dragon is a hybrid until he realizes that the mysterious dragon has no features of any of the seven dragon tribes. Jerboa says this dragon is their first visitor from the Lost Continent.


  • Pantala is a genus of dragonflies, matching Pyrrhia being a genus of moth.
  • It has been confirmed by Tui that the Lost Continent is called Pantala by its inhabitants.
  • Pantala, like Pyrrhia, will be in the shape of a dragon.
    • It may be shaped like a new type of dragon.
  • Tui has also stated that the arrival of Clearsight had a significant effect on the dragons that lived there. This impact is yet unknown. However, she did marry a dragon from Pantala, and we will meet one or more of her descendants.
  • It is shown in Darkstalker (Legends) that Pantala was known to dragons of Pyrrhia back then, but it appears that knowledge surrounding it has been lost over the centuries.
  • Tui has confirmed that Clearsight arriving at Pantala will be the prologue of Book 11, and it will feature new, unheard of tribes.
  • The tribes that inhabit Pantala have the suffix -"Wings" at the end of their names, similar to the Dragons of Pyrrhia.
  • Tui has confirmed that there will be no animus magic on Pantala, due to its extreme prevalence in the second arc.
  • It has not yet been confirmed how many tribes inhabit Pantala, but Tui has said there might be anywhere from two to six, not seven.
  • Tui has said the tribes aren't in a good situation and have bad relations amongst themselves, but not necessarily war.
  • The purple-and-grey wing in Burn's collection was from a Pantalan dragon
  • The Legend of the Hive, a scroll mentioned by Hope in Darkness of Dragons, has something to do with Pantala.
  • The tribes there have queens.
  • Pantala has biomes that we haven't seen on Pyrrhia. It has been speculated that this may include mesa or plains.
  • Tui will release one tribe at a time on the scholastic forums.
  • The Jade Winglet might go to Pantala.
  • Scavengers will probably play a role on Pantala.

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