The Missing Princess is a fantasy-type scroll written by Queen Coral. She wrote it for Tsunami, her lost daughter and eldest heir to the throne, wishing for her return.

The scroll is mentioned in both the first and second books as Tsunami's all-time favorite, despite considering it to be not the most well written scroll and not knowing that it was written for (and about) her. When Queen Coral told her to read it, Princess Tsunami mentioned that it was her favorite to her mother, and she learned that the scroll was written in her honor because of her mother's hopes of finding her lost egg. It is mentioned that there were "welcoming committees of SeaWings" and "glowing jellyfish" marking the path to the palace. It is also said that the princess's parents tore up the ocean looking for her and that the tale ended with feasting (which Clay loves). When Queen Coral found Tsunami, she said word for word what the scroll read. When Tsunami was asked what she thought of the unread scrolls Queen Coral gave her to read in front of the council, she said, "Uh, The Missing Princess is still my favorite", making the council chuckle, most likely making Tsunami feel quite embarrassed.


A royal SeaWing dragonet goes missing and the queen and king tear up the ocean to find her. Glowing jellyfish, bowing seahorses, and bejeweled dancing lobsters guide the lost princess to her mother the queen, and her palace. When the she finds her way home, her parents welcome her joyously with open wings, and the queen tells the royal daughter that she had never stopped searching for her. An orchestra of dolphins and a feast are held in celebration of her return.

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