The NightWing Exodus is the journey taken by NightWings to move to and live in the Rainforest Kingdom, taking place at the end of The Dark Secret, when the volcano erupted and destroyed their former home and many fellow tribe members. The village they currently live in is called the Night Village. The NightWing Island is a very long flight from Pyrrhia's northernmost border by the Sky Kingdom, spanning the entire length of the continent to get to the Rainforest. However, it was a very short walk from the Rainforest Kingdom, due to the animus tunnel made by Stonemover.


The Dark SecretEdit

When Starflight was kidnapped by the NightWings for false prophecy dragonet training, he figured out that the NightWings were planning to attack the RainWings to claim the Rainforest Kingdom for their own, as their current home was in danger of being the site of a massive volcanic explosion. He used a dreamvisitor to tell Glory, who was now the queen of the RainWings, the NightWings' plan.

Before he goes back to the Rainforest Kingdom, he overhears that the NightWings were going to attack the RainWings that very night. Starflight escapes into the rainforest with Fatespeaker to warn Glory and the RainWings.

Starflight suggests that instead of attacking the NightWings, the RainWings should defend the tunnel and take the NightWings out one by one as they come through, but Glory decides to attack because they also needed to save the missing RainWings. She brings the other Dragonets of Destiny, and they meet Greatness in the hallway leading to Queen Battlewinner's cave. Greatness is threatened by Glory, and leads them to her mother's cave. They go inside with Greatness, where they find Queen Battlewinner trying to use armor that Starflight's father, Mastermind, made that carries lava so she can lead the attack against the RainWings, but it doesn't work.

She notices Glory, who says she will take her RainWings back and protect her rainforest from the NightWings, but Starflight suggests that the NightWings accept a new queen, Glory, and move to the Rainforest if they promise allegiance. But Queen Battlewinner wants to save her tribe and tries to attack Starflight and Glory. She dies from the IceWing frostbreath inside of her almost immediately after she climbs out of the lava, and the NightWing Exodus begins as the NightWings all meet at the NightWing Tunnels. The dragonets make the NightWings pledge themselves to Glory as a queen before they go through. Afterwards, Queen Glory designates an area for them to live called the Night Village, and the RainWings teach them to build huts suitable for the rainforest.


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Historical: Queen Vigilance



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