The NightWing school is located in The Lost City of Night and is where Clearsight and Darkstalker were educated in Darkstalker (Legends). It was described to be North of Queen Vigilance's Palace, each of them forming one side of the Great Diamond with the museum and library on the other two sides. The palace was the biggest of the four buildings and wrapped around Borderland Mountain. The school was designed to look very similar: lots of blacks and gray marble terraces, hanging gardens, and long glittering waterfalls. There were six classrooms housing scavengers, as described by Listener and Clearsight. The class setup seemed to be a lot like the Jade Mountain Academy setup: the dragonets were allowed to attend the classes of their choosing, having a lot of free time and attending classes where they were taught a specific subject.

Inside many of the classrooms, it was noted by Clearsight that aquariums and terrariums covered the walls, some glowing with phosphorescent rocks or plankton. Long-finned fighting fish (aka Bettas) were kept in separate bowls along with a tortoise in a glass cage. Owls were kept in cages near the scavengers. Tamarin monkeys and crocodiles were also kept in the classroom.

The school had five towers; the central one was called the Tower of Knowledge, a round black marble room, and that is where the advanced seer training class taught by Allknowing was held.

At the time Talons of Power took place, the NightWing school was all in ruins. It was described as having tables flipped over, moss and plants growing out of control, and all the classrooms covered with wall debris. Most of the pictures were gone, and Darkstalker thought they must have been stolen by the SandWings.

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