Spoiler Alert!
This article contains plot details about the recently released book, Darkness of Dragons. It would be best if you did not view this page until after reading the new installment.

The Talons of Power are a group of hooded SandWings led by Vulture, Qibli's grandfather. They reside in the Scorpion Den. They captured Ostrich and Cobra. Qibli and Winter go to Vulture and find out about them, and subsequently find out about Bog and that Vulture was blaming the MudWings for explosions in the Scorpion Den, in order to provoke some sort of battle. The Talons of Power might be what The Jade Mountain Prophecy was referring to for "Beware the talons of power and fire." They are against Queen Thorn and want to overthrow her, replacing her with Onyx

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