The Tragedy of Orca is a scroll based on a true story. It was written by Queen Coral, a well known SeaWing author as well as queen. After the death of her eldest daughter, Princess Orca, whom she killed by impaling her with the narwhal horn at the tip of her tail during their Royal Challenge, she wrote the scroll in her memory.     


The Tragedy of Orca was written about Queen Coral's eldest daughter's death at her own talons. Orca had challenged her for the SeaWing throne as soon as she matured, or "almost the moment she turned seven". She had almost succeeded, until Coral had no choice but to impale her with her narwhal horn spear that was attached to the end of her tail, thus ending the battle between mother and daughter. Despite winning the battle, Coral was full of guilt at killing her own daughter and went on to write a scroll about her death.


Though the scroll was officially written by Queen Coral, it was her scribe, Whirlpool, who came up with some of Coral's ideas for the scroll and helped write it. The scroll was mentioned in The Lost Heir during Tsunami's first Aquatic lesson. Whirlpool had her recite the first chapter of the scroll without telling her what she was actually saying. He described the scroll as an "extremely moving, glorious writing". He also said that by learning Coral's scrolls, Tsunami could learn everything she needed to know about Aquatic.

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