Thrush is a SkyWing dragonet of unknown gender who attends the Silver Winglet of Jade Mountain Academy. They were first shown drumming and looking rather bewildered before Qibli took over the drums, when the Silver Winglet and the Jade Winglet were playing music together, and was later shown when they were soaring through the sky, followed by Peregrine and Garnet.

Trivia Edit

  • A thrush is a medium-sized songbird that is dull brown in color.


Queens  Present: Queen RubyEx-Queen Scarlet

 Historical: Queen Carmine


 Present: CliffHawkTourmalineVermilion
 Historical: Sunset

Jade Mountain  PerilCarnelianFlameGarnetPeregrineThrush
Other Dragons  AvalancheCardinalEagleEagle (Darkstalker)HarrierKestrelOspreyPeril's BrotherPyriteSoarThe SkyWing Dragonet
Kingdom  Claws of the Clouds MountainsDiamond Spray DeltaDiamond Spray RiverGreat Five-Tail RiverPossibilityQueen Ruby's Palace
Society  Champion's Shield

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