Thrush is a male SkyWing dragonet who attends the Silver Winglet of Jade Mountain Academy. He is described as small-boned and having dusky orange scales.

Biography Edit

Moon Rising Edit

He was first shown drumming and looking rather bewildered before Qibli took over the drums, when the Silver Winglet and the Jade Winglet were playing music together, and was later shown when he was soaring through the sky, followed by Peregrine and Garnet.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

He attends a history class along with the Jade and Gold Winglets. He is noted to sit in the front row and look intently at Webs. He interjects Web's lesson without being called on to eagerly ask about Darkstalker. Clay mentions that Thrush, Ostrich, and Barracuda were talking about the science of RainWing camouflage in the library.

Trivia Edit

  • A thrush is a medium-sized songbird that is dull brown in color.



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