Tualang is a RainWing of unknown gender who was listed as one of the seventeen missing RainWings in The Hidden Kingdom. They did not make any formal appearance in any of the books. Tualang was likely rescued in The Dark Secret during Queen Glory's rescue mission. They might be the dragon that was staring curiously at Starflight when Morrowseer ordered the other false dragonets to kill him.

Biography Edit

The Hidden KingdomEdit

Kinkajou calls to Coconut, asking if he had heard about what she did and says proudly that the RainWings were going to have a proper Queen for once. A few dragons start questioning her about how their current system is flawed and if there is need for a "proper queen", but Kinkajou retorts that they should ask the captured RainWings instead, because the prisoners hadn't been rescued yet. Listing the missing RainWings, she mentioned Gibbon, Orchid, Splendor, Tualang, and Loris. Those who heard her shamefully began to realize how little they had been seeing them, and began to believe Kinkajou. Kinkajou explains that Glory was the only dragon who wanted to take action, and because of that, Glory should be the rightful queen.  


  • A tualang is a type of tree in the rainforest that produces a sweet nectar similar to honey.



Present: Queen GloryEx-Queen DazzlingEx-Queen ExquisiteEx-Queen Fruit BatEx-Queen GrandeurEx-Queen MagnificentEx-Queen Splendor
Historical: Queen Anaconda



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The RainWing Royal Challenge

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