Typhoon is a Wings of Fire fan created character that is going to appear in the upcoming Darkness of Dragons. He is a SeaWing/IceWing hybrid and a former soldier.

Appearance Edit

Typhoon has pale blue scales, several small IceWing spikes on the back of his neck, solid black eyes, large teeth, less glowing stripes than a normal SeaWing, and he wears a small snail-shell earring on his left ear.

Trivia Edit

  • A typhoon is a tropical cyclone in the region of the Indian or Western Pacific Ocean, similar to a hurricane (which is in the Atlantic). 
  • He was created by Typhoonseawing, who has won the auction for the character to be in the book Darkness of Dragons.
  • Typhoon is the fourth confirmed hybrid, and the only one who is not half NightWing.
  • He is presumably 19 years old and a former soldier.
  • Typhoon is also the first SeaWing known to be a hybrid.
  • He is the fourth hybrid of IceWing descent, the others being King Darkstalker, Whiteout, and Princess Sunny.


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