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"Three moons, you SandWings are a little intense about your jewelry."
—To Qibli in Darkness of Dragons

Typhoon is a Wings of Fire fan created character that appears in Darkness of Dragons. He is a male SeaWing/IceWing hybrid and is presumed to be around 19 years old. He currently resides in Possiblility.

Appearance Edit

Typhoon has striking cobalt-blue scales, with a white underbelly and dark black eyes. He has spikes around his neck like an IceWing, but also stripes under his wings like a SeaWing. He wears a snail-shell earring in his left ear.

Biography Edit

Darkness of DragonsEdit

When Qibli goes to Queen Thorn's tent, Thorn, Smolder, and Typhoon are already there. After Thorn puts on the earring, Typhoon diagnoses that the IceWing plague was not natural, and tells Qibli that it started 3 nights before, around midnight. Typhoon says that his father is very sick, and every other IceWing in Possibility. They then devise a plan in which Typhoon will go with enough earrings to heal all the IceWings in Possibility and from there, he would get help from other IceWings, and then attempt to heal the Ice Kingdom. Later, this plan was proven successful. When they leave the tent to arrest Cobra, he follows. Typhoon witnesses Qibli's attempts to force the protection earring onto Winter. Later, when Qibli wakes up after Winter half-accidentally shot frostbreath onto Qibli's arm, they mention that Typhoon left for Possibility with the enchanted earrings that Qibli had left.

Personality Edit

Typhoon seems to have a personality similar to Qibli, making side jokes and having a generally similar tone of speech. He is concerned about both of his tribes. He is quirky and enjoys cracking small jokes, but can become very serious if there are urgent matters, and jumps quickly into matters concerning either of his tribes, shown when he immediately takes action to spread Qibli's animus-resistance earrings throughout the entire IceWing tribe. Typhoon is also known to be sarcasticly smart, rude, in a way.

Quotes Edit

"Quite all right. I would never want to get in the way of urgent accessorizing." - Sarcastically to Qibli in Darkness of Dragons

"Three moons, you SandWings are a little intense about your jewelry" - To Qibli, when forcing Winter to wear a copy of his earring in Darkness of Dragons

"Yes. Apparently half IceWing is IceWing enough."- Typhoon to Thorn in Darkness of Dragons

Trivia Edit

  • A typhoon is a synonym for tropical cyclone in the region of the Indian or Western Pacific Ocean, similar to a hurricane (which is in the Atlantic) 
  • The character Typhoon was created by Typhoonseawing, who had won the auction for the character to be in the book Darkness of Dragons.
  • Typhoon is the fifth confirmed hybrid out of 6.
  • Typhoon is presumably a former soldier.
  • Typhoon is the first SeaWing known to be a hybrid. He is the fourth known hybrid of IceWing descent, the others being King Darkstalker, Whiteout, Princess Sunny, and Prince Albatross.
  • Typhoon mentions in Darkness of Dragons that he studied medicine and disease for two years.
  • Despite only being half IceWing, Typhoon can still get over the Great Ice Cliff.
  • Though Typhoon is half IceWing, he is not affected by the IceWing plague, possibly because Darkstalker, who created the disease, made sure that only IceWing hybrids were unaffected by the plague.



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