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"I hate this war, I don't understand what we're even fighting for. Who cares who the SandWing queen is? I've never met Burn and I don't want to. Why am I fighting an IceWing over a throne that has nothing to do with either of us?"
—Umber, about the war

Umber is a small, brown, male, MudWing dragonet with pale amber eyes and a burn patch on his nose. He is one of the six siblings of Clay, as well as the last-hatched child of Cattail and a MudWing student at Jade Mountain Academy. He is a member of the Jade Winglet and was clawmates with Turtle. He is mentioned in the prologue of The Dark Secret and said to be the smallest and most observant of the siblings, as he notices a scavenger den deep in the woods during a frantic chase when the siblings escaped some IceWings.


Umber is a caring, kind, and loyal dragon. He is caring to those he loves, and is also extremely observant. Noticing the scent of Scavenger Dens, even in the middle of a desperate and frantic escape, remembering Carnelian from a past battle, and being the first to recognize Clay. Umber is the one who goes on the run with Sora, caring about her so much. He has, understandably, also had an ongoing relief since the end of the war, according to Moon. He thinks very highly of his siblings, saying that Sora was the smartest dragon he knew and Marsh was the quickest.



Umber's egg was laid by Cattail as a part of a clutch including Clay's who's egg was later sold to the Talons of Peace for two cows. Reed, Sora, Pheasant, Crane and Marsh are his other siblings. Umber's egg was the last one to hatch, and he was presumably helped out of his egg by Reed, his "Bigwings", while in reality, their lost sibling, Clay, was their actual eldest brother. As a result of Queen Moorhen's alliance with Burn, Umber and his siblings were forced to fight in the War of The SandWing Succession, resulting in the death of Crane in battle roughly six years after being hatched.

The Dragonet Prophecy

Two days after the death of Crane, Umber encountered his elder brother Clay for the first time when he returned to the Mud Kingdom in an attempt to find his family. Umber was the first one to notice Clay near the mud pools and to have a feeling that he was part of their family and told his siblings. The others soon found Clay, and were overjoyed to see him. They helped Clay make peace with himself and, despite protests, let Clay go with the other Dragonets of Destiny.

The Dark Secret

In the prologue, Umber and his siblings were fighting off attacking IceWings. Clay's siblings all appear to hate the war, and therefore debated joining the Talons of Peace, though they decided against it in the end. Umber disliked the war and was the most timid of them all.

The Brightest Night

He and his siblings are seen when Sunny and Clay go to the MudWings to send a message to Burn. Umber hugs Clay when the group realizes his presence. He is reluctant to go along with the MudWings' planned attack on the IceWings. In the epilogue, Clay says that he would love to have Umber and his siblings be students at the Jade Mountain school, and also added that Umber's history and reading weren't so good.

Moon Rising

Umber, along with his siblings Sora and Marsh, was one of the first students to attend the new and prestigious Jade Mountain Academy, and he is placed in the Jade Winglet. When he meets the other members of the Jade Winglet, Moon overhears that he thinks Qibli is "gorgeous", and also that he and Kinkajou secretly wish that Qibli and Winter, respectively, were their destinies. He states that Carnelian seems familiar, perhaps from a previous battle in which the two (as their tribes were allies) may have fought together. After learning that his sister Sora attempted to kill Icicle using a Dragonflame Cactus - resulting in the deaths of Carnelian and Bigtail - and then rigged a stalactite to fall on Icicle, Umber decides to leave the Academy alongside his sister in order to keep her safe (both from others and for others). Umber hugs Qibli and Moon as he leaves.



Along with his other siblings, he loves Clay. He was the first of his siblings to recognize Clay when he returned to the Mud Kingdom in search of his family.


He loves Sora as a sibling and feels hurt when he finds out that Sora tried to kill Icicle. When Sora escaped the school, Umber followed her to protect her and to protect everyone else from her.


Umber seems to have romantic feelings towards Qibli based on thoughts overheard by Moon in Moon Rising, and it is confirmed that Umber is homosexual[citation needed].

Family Tree

Unnamed Siblings
Asha (Deceased)
Crane (Deceased)


"I hate this war, I don't understand what we're even fighting for. Who cares who the SandWing Queen is? I've never met Burn and I don't want to. Why am I fighting an IceWing over a throne that has nothing to do with either of us?" - to his siblings in the prologue of The Dark Secret.

"Can't you smell it? We flew over part of it, too---it's pretty well hidden in the forest." - about a scavenger den in the prologue of The Dark Secret.

"I hope we don't have to. I hope Clay fulfills the prophecy and ends the war quick and saves the world really soon, before we have to do anymore fighting. Do you think? Maybe he will?"

"When do we eat? Just kidding. Pretending to be Clay." - to the rest of the Jade Winglet (Moonwatcher, Qibli, Turtle, Winter, and Carnelian) and Tsunami in Moon Rising, seemingly trying to impress Qibli.

"This is my brother and sister. Marsh is really should see him fly. And Sora knows everything; she's the only the one who ever practiced reading." - to Moon and Kinkajou in Moon Rising.

"I'm going to get help." - When the dragonflame cactus explodes.

"Sora, it's okay. I love you anyway." - to Sora after finding out that she tried to kill Icicle.


  • Umber is a type of earth pigment that contains iron oxide and magnesium oxide It can also be used to describe a specific shade of brown.
  • Umber left behind two siblings (Reed, Pheasant) when he went to Jade Mountain Academy with Marsh and Sora.
    • After him and Sora leaving, Marsh is the last of Clay's siblings left at the Academy.
  • In Talons of Power, he is mentioned by Turtle that he was like a brother to him.
  • Umber is confirmed homosexual, making him the third known LGTB dragon.


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