The dragon world of Pyrrhia was locked in a civil/world war for eighteen years over the SandWing throne, which dragged in all the other tribes (excluding the RainWings), an idea of Princess Blister's. The war resulted in eighteen years of battle, causing a massive number of dragons to be killed. The war ended when Sunny found the Eye of Onyx in Queen Oasis' grave and gave it to her mother, Thorn, making her Queen of the SandWings.

Listed below is a detailed list of all battles and meaningful events that have occurred as a result of the war.

The Death of Queen OasisEdit

The entire war began in 4991 A.S. when Queen Oasis, the queen of the SandWings, was assassinated by scavengers, who had stolen a small amount of her treasure, including one piece of priceless SandWing treasure: The Eye Of Onyx. At the time, there were three heirs to the throne: her daughters, Princess Burn, Princess Blister, and Princess Blaze. Burn immediately seized the SandWing palace as her own, built an extra wall around it, and renamed it Burn's Stronghold. Some say that Burn chased off her sisters, Blister and Blaze, but others claim that the two knew that Burn could kill them, and fled willingly. Queen oasis’s last known words is what’s the worst that could happen.

Forming of AlliancesEdit

Blister knew that she could not defeat Burn by herself, so she formed an alliance with the SeaWings and MudWings. Later on, a secret tie with the NightWings and favor from the Talons of Peace as a leverage by having the "all powerful" NightWings by her side was made. Seeing that Blister now had an army, Burn allied herself with the SkyWings, and tried to contact the IceWings, but they were already on a side. After the MudWings broke their alliance with Blister, Burn eventually won them (by using threats) over to her side. Queen Glacier of the IceWings joined forces with Blaze, who promised Glacier a part of the Kingdom of Sand if she won. Blaze also had the support of many SandWings, although the tribe was still split between the three heirs.

To make it easier to understand, here are the princesses and their allies.

  • Burn: SkyWings, and later, MudWings, plus some SandWings
  • Blister: SeaWings. She used to be with MudWings, but they switched to Burn. She also had some SandWings, and later, a secret NightWing alliance.
  • Blaze: IceWings, and most of the SandWings
  • Not involved: RainWings, and NightWings (until their alliance with Blister)

The ProphecyEdit

In order to get a better home for their tribe (they were at the time living on an active volcano), the NightWings hatched an elaborate plan. Queen Battlewinner and Morrowseer wrote a prophecy stating that five dragonets are to choose the successor to the SandWing throne. Once a queen was chosen, that queen would help take over the Rainforest Kingdom, along with the NightWings, in gratitude for the dragonets choosing them. The five dragonets were supposed to be a SandWing, a SkyWing, a MudWing, a SeaWing, and a NightWing, all to hatch together on the Brightest Night.


When the war has lasted twenty years...

the dragonets will come.

When the land is soaked in blood and tears...

the dragonets will come.

Find the SeaWing egg of deepest blue

Wings of night shall come to you.

The largest egg in the mountain high

will give you the wings of sky.

For wings of earth, search through the mud

for an egg the color of dragon blood.

And hidden alone from the rival queens,

a SandWing egg awaits unseen.

Of three queens who blister and blaze and burn

two shall die and one shall learn

if she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher,

she'll have the power of wings of fire.

Five eggs to hatch on the brightest night,

five dragons born to end the fight.

Darkness will rise to bring the light.

The dragonets are coming...

This prophecy was delivered by Morrowseer the NightWing (deceased)

The EggsEdit

The Talons of Peace put five dragons in charge of retrieving the dragonets of destiny's eggs. They were as follows: Kestrel, a former SkyWing soldier; Webs, a former SeaWing guard; Dune, a SandWing deserter; Asha, a MudWing; and Hvitur, an IceWing.

Dune stole Sunny's egg from her mother, Thorn, and her egg was found in the sand. Web's wife drugged the guards of The SeaWing Royal Hatchery in order for Webs  to get Princess Tsunami's egg. Asha paid her sister, Cattail, two cows for Clay's egg. Asha was later caught in a battle between Blaze and Blister's armies, and she made it out alive but died of her wounds shortly after delivering the egg. Morrowseer brought the NightWing egg containing Starflight. Hvitur stole the SkyWing egg from the SkyWings but was caught by Burn on the way out. Burn killed Hvitur and dropped the egg off a cliff, killing the dragonet inside it. Kestrel later found Hvitur's body and a few shards of the egg at the bottom of the cliff. Webs then went to the RainWings to get a replacement for the fifth egg. This egg contained Glory.

All other SkyWing eggs hatched on The Brightest Night, under Queen Scarlet's orders, were killed to stop the prophecy from occurring. Later on, it is discovered that Peril, a SkyWing born with too much fire, was the one that killed the six eggs due to hatch on The Brightest Night by disintegrating them with her firescales when she was just a little dragonet (on Queen Scarlet's orders). Hvitur stole the seventh egg that was supposed to be burned, but it never hatched.

Escape of the DragonetsEdit

Six years later, Morrowseer came to check up on the Dragonets of Destiny. He deemed Clay, Princess Tsunami, and Starflight satisfactory and Sunny okay, but was dissatisfied with Glory, as she was a RainWing instead of a SkyWing, and ordered her to be killed. The other dragonets refused so to see her die, so Clay and Tsunami fled through the underground river, planning to free the others from the outside.

However, they encountered Queen Scarlet of the SkyWings, who wanted to take them prisoner. Clay and Tsunami attacked her and fled back to the mountain. However, Queen Scarlet and her SkyWing soldiers had followed the smoke coming from the cave. She killed Dune and took the dragonets and Kestrel prisoner. Webs managed to escape.

Queen Scarlet invited Burn to her palace for her hatching day to see the dragonets and to take Sunny back with her as a gift. However, while she was there, the dragonets escaped after Glory sprayed Queen Scarlet with her venom.

MudWings vs. Blaze's Forces (Battle)Edit

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Around the time when the dragonets escaped, Blaze's army (IceWings and SandWings) attacked the MudWings, near Clay's siblings' village. It is hinted that the MudWings sent a message to the SkyWings for help, but Queen Scarlet refused because it would disrupt her hatching day festivities. The only named loss of this battle was Crane, one of Clay's siblings. However, there were many more, shown by the number of corpses mentioned on the battlefield.

Attack on the Summer PalaceEdit

During the Dragonets' stay in The Kingdom of the Sea, Burn's alliance bombed the Summer Palace. They were able to locate the palace because Crocodile, a Talons of Peace infiltrator, followed Webs there. The SeaWings fled to the Deep Palace, breaking their alliance with Blister.

The Replacement DragonetsEdit

Soon after, Nautilus, the leader of the Talons of Peace, and Morrowseer came up with set replacements, known as The False Dragonets. They were as follows: Ochre the MudWing; Squid the SeaWing; Flame the SkyWing; Fatespeaker the NightWing; and Viper the SandWing.

Planned IceWing GenocideEdit

During The Brightest Night, Burn's forces, the MudWings, and the SkyWings planned to attack the IceWings. The idea was to "kill them all, take no prisoners." However, they decided not to after Sunny dreamvisited Queen Moorhen. If the MudWings and SkyWings were to attack the IceWings, they would most likely be exterminated by the Great Ice Cliff. So the prophecy saved both tribes.

The Choosing of the SandWing QueenEdit

On the false Brightest Night (in 5011 A.S.), Sunny came up with an idea that the three SandWing sisters would choose one of themselves to be queen, peacefully, or the SandWing tribe would choose; her plan didn't work out the way she intended.

The heirs and most of the tribes met up at Burn's stronghold, where Blister gave Burn a gift. It contained a Dragonbite Viper, which Burn pinned in her talons. Burn took a few steps toward Blister, hoping the viper would kill her, but a second viper leaped out of the box and bit Burn's ankle, killing her shortly afterward.

Blister then attacked Blaze, thinking that Blaze would never be able to fight back. Sunny then found the Eye of Onyx, buried with Queen Oasis, and gave it to her mother, Queen Thorn. Blister, angered, took the Eye of Onyx from Thorn, but the enchantments of the Eye of Onyx caused Princess Blister to be zapped into black dust.

Thus, Thorn was crowned the queen of the SandWings, ending the Great War.


  • In a vision in Moon Rising, Clay first mentioned a scroll title about it to Starflight.
  • Blister was killed by the Eye of Onyx, which only Queen Thorn and Sunny can hold (so far).
  • Blaze is the last surviving royal SandWing sister after the meeting at Burn's palace. This does not include Sunny.
  • Sunny was technically queen of the SandWings for a few seconds as she held the Eye of Onyx without bursting into flames.  
  • This applies for Blaze too because she was the last living SandWing heir before Sunny grabbed the Eye.
  • Blaze had the support of most SandWings     



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