Where are the Dragonets of Destiny? is a scroll that Webs gave Starflight while he was still in the guardians' cave. He dreamt it during the events of The Dark Secret.

This scene was in a dream of Starflight's while he was trapped in the NightWing Fortress. In this dream, Webs brought him the scroll in a fishing net. He said a fish trader who knows he likes new scrolls gave it to him. The scroll was about theories about who and where the Dragonets of Destiny might be. 

One of the theories was that each of the dragonets were going to become queen of their tribes and stop the war that way. However, that made Starflight and Sunny jokingly question Clay's ability to be a MudWing princess. Starflight also pointed out Sunny would have to be the SandWing queen, and thought of how he wouldn't want a bloodthirsty challenger against her for the throne. 

The scroll also says that all of the SkyWing eggs hatching on the Brightest Night were destroyed or killed, and Starflight (not knowing that Peril was told to kill them all by Ex-Queen Scarlet) decides the author doesn't know what he's talking about. It mentioned that there were seventeen SeaWing dragonets born on the Brightest Night, but only six of them were blue eggs. The author also seemed confused about the SandWing egg, saying one couldn't survive on its own.

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