"Your Majesty. And Your Smaller Majesties."
—Whirlpool to Queen Coral and her daughters in The Lost Heir.

Whirlpool was an egocentric, egotistical, vain, ditzy, and narcissistic male SeaWing whose voice had been described as both "smarmy" and "oozing" by Tsunami and "oily" by Turtle. He was despised by Tsunami and Anemone for more than just his wretched teaching abilities, but their mother, Queen Coral, seemed to find no fault in him and made him her official scribe as well as a member of the SeaWing Council. Queen Coral had also planned for him to be a king one day. He was killed when Anemone threw him into the pit of electric eels in the SeaWing prison cell holding the Dragonets of Destiny.

Appearance Edit

Whirlpool had dark green[1] scales and blobby, pale green, frog-like eyes[1], as well as light green scales decorating his back in a wave pattern[1]. His main accessory was an immense golden hoop earring piercing one of his ears, but he was also described as having multiple golden rings on his ink-stained[1] claws. He had small teeth[2].

Biography Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Whirlpool was an overseer of the Talons of Power Ceremony, which was a test to discover any animus dragons in the tribe. When Turtle was four, he was escorted by Whirlpool to this event. Whirlpool tested dragonets in groups of three, ordering them to make their coconuts hover. When Anemone's powers were discovered, he reluctantly ended it before he was able to test the remaining dragonets. Sometime before The Lost Heir, he had hidden a weapon for Anemone for when she decides to challenge Queen Coral for the throne. The said weapon was a large, wickedly curved dagger.

The Lost HeirEdit

Whirlpool, a member of Queen Coral's Council, as previously mentioned, taught both Anemone and Tsunami Aquatic, trained Anemone in her animus abilities even though In Darkness of Dragons Anemone was pretty sure he was just wanted her to lose her soul.

During the time when Tsunami came to visit the royal family, he attempted to teach her Aquatic. His method was to recite all of Queen Coral's work over a span of five years. Tsunami found this ineffective and swam away angrily, in the end, she learned Aquatic from Riptide in stead of Whirlpool.

Whirlpool wanted to marry Anemone to become king and threatened to tell Coral and Blister about how strong Anemone's animus power really was, claiming that they'd be so grateful that they would grant him the SeaWing throne. He then thought out loud about marrying Auklet instead, after saying Anemone probably wouldn't survive the war.

Queen Coral was quite fond of him and often gloated about him, so much as to raise the possibility of Tsunami marrying him, although Tsunami showed no interest in Whirlpool and, in fact, despised him. He tried to murder Tsunami because of this since that would increase the chances of Anemone becoming queen, and he would have a better chance of marrying Anemone, making him king. He attempted the murder with a kelp sack and a suit of armour but Tsunami fought him off and he sped away before he could be discovered.

After the dragonets were imprisoned, Anemone came to visit and enchanted a narwhal spear to search for the dragon that had attacked Tsunami. It herded Whirlpool into the prison, and Whirlpool exclaimed how impressed he was by Anemone's power, and threatened to tell Blister and Queen Coral. Then, Anemone struck him with the spear, causing Whirlpool to fall into the moat which surrounded the dragonets' prison. The moat was full of massive electric eels that gave off shocks strong enough to kill a dragon, charging the water with deadly force. When Whirlpool fell in, there was a blinding flash, and he should have been killed by the eels, though this has not been confirmed. It is likely he did die because the eels would not have let him live. Anemone, terrified that Coral would find out, went back to Coral moments before the palace was attacked by the SkyWings.

Winter Turning Edit

Anemone thought of Whirlpool and of how she could overthrow her mother with her animus powers.

Talons of Power Edit

Turtle thought of Whirlpool and recalled his dislike of him. Anemone admitted that she did not accidentally kill Whirlpool because he knew the extent of her powers and would've told Coral, which might've resulted in the loss of her soul. She also dug up the dagger he hid (with some difficulty, for a moment she thought he lied about it) in the sand near the old Island Palace. He had buried it there for whenever Anemone decided she wanted to kill Queen Coral and the other heirs to the throne.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

He is mentioned by Turtle when they look in all kingdoms for Onyx.

Personality Edit

Anemone described Whirlpool as "boring", and claimed that he never let her do anything in her animus lessons except for moving inanimate objects around, such as making a chair dance or some necklace slither like a snake. At first, he seemed to be completely loyal to Queen Coral, but later he attacked Tsunami to marry Anemone to become king, and later he changed his preferences to Auklet, as he thought that Anemone would go crazy because of using her powers too much during the war. He was notorious for his greed. This proved that he was deceiving, and he was also thought by the dragonets to be very annoying. However, Queen Coral described him as "the most wonderful dragon" but what Riptide says describes him much better, thinking of him as "Queen Coral's favourite instrument of torture".

Relationships Edit

Queen Coral Edit

Queen Coral described him as "brilliant" and "wonderful" and wanted him to marry Anemone or Tsunami. He had no fault in her eyes and was perfect, She even went as far to call him handsome.

Tsunami Edit

When Tsunami first met Whirlpool, the dragon started to kiss up to her immediately, much to her disgust. The SeaWing was repulsed by the idea of marrying Whirlpool, suggested by Queen Coral. He gave the dragon Aquatics lessons ordered by the Queen. Tsunami said, "Don't worry, I'd rather be torn apart by tiger sharks than marry you!" to Whirlpool when he explained why he tried to kill Tsunami. He did not want to marry her, to the point that he attempted to murder her.

Anemone and Auklet Edit

Whirlpool wanted to marry one of the younger sisters to become king, due to him and Tsunami's mutual dislike for each other. He believed that he should ask Queen Coral to let him marry Auklet since he assumed that Anemone would not survive the war. He trained Anemone with her animus powers, mostly by having her move things around with them. He had made her enchant many things, most likely in order for her to go insane and kill Coral to become Queen. Whirlpool preferred to marry Auklet, not Anemone or Tsunami, so he attempted to kill Tsunami and drive Anemone mad. If Anemone was a deranged queen, Whirlpool would have an excuse to get rid of her, and move Auklet to the role of Queen once the time came.

Trivia Edit

  • A whirlpool is a body of swirling water produced by opposing currents.
  • Whirlpool's voice has been described as oily, oozy and slow, and Tsunami describes his voice like squids creeping into her ears.
  • Whirlpool created an ink mixed with whale blood and squid ink to make ink that never fades, though this does mean he and Coral are left with permanent stains on their talons.
  • Whirlpool states that he wanted to marry either Anemone or Auklet in order to become king.
  • Tui has repeatedly hinted that Whirlpool is alive, and has been ambiguous on the whole matter.
  • Talons of Power confirms Whirlpool's death when Anemone mentions that she has had nightmares "ever since Whirlpool died".
  • However, it has been shown in the Winglet, Assassin, that a dragon can survive an electrical injury.
  • In Talons of Power, Anemone says that he most likely made her use her animus magic many times so she would turn dark and kill Coral.
  • Whirlpool, in Talons of Power, apparently saw Prince Turtle's coconut move, but he could not comment on that due to everyone in the room witnessing Anemone's coconut move.
  • He is a lot like Gill in appearance.


References Edit

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