"Oh, I thought the marbles represented chaos theory and I was just another unpredictable whim of the universe. I did not intend to disrupt your faith in controllable outcomes."
—Whiteout apologizing for disrupting a game of marbles in Darkstalker.

Whiteout was Darkstalker's younger sister and the daughter of Prince Arctic and Foeslayer. She first appeared in Darkstalker (Legends), and most of the NightWings thought her to be very unusual, tending to avoid speaking to her because of her oddities. According to Darkstalker, "she thought in colors and waves instead of in words." Her speech was mostly an incomprehensible jumble of words that were only understandable to Thoughtful she even earned the nickname "Weirdout" from Listener in the beginning of Darkstalker (Legends).

In public, Whiteout's father paraded her around the tribe like his one and only dragonet, but seemed to completely forget about her once they got home. Darkstalker, however, truly loved and cared about her, sticking up for her at school and enchanting a little wooden scavenger, Whiteout's favorite toy, to always return to her bedside at night. He also enchanted a set of paints for her that would never dry out and never run out.

Personality Edit

Whiteout was very strange, differing from the other dragons in her tribe by the way she thought and talked. She was unaware of other dragons' distaste for her, however, and treated everyone kindly. Whiteout has a neurological phenomenon called associative synesthesia, which Tui has confirmed[citation needed]. This was demonstrated when Whiteout referred to Clearsight as "azure on the inside," most likely associating the color blue with good, as she used blue in most of her paintings. Clearsight noted that Whiteout trusted either not at all or completely.

Appearance Edit

Many dragons, Darkstalker included, considered her to be the most beautiful dragon in all of Pyrrhia. The scales on her body are black with hints of dark sapphire blue[4]. Her wings, including the fingers and membrane, are an icy bluish-white along with the spikes all along her back and her curved claws[4]. Underneath her wing membranes, she has a scattering of jet black scales, rather than of silver scales like those of a full NightWing[4]. These scales stand out against the white undersides of her wings. She has striking pale blue eyes[5] which she inherited from her father, Prince Arctic. The narrow, elegant, diamond-shaped head of an IceWing also inherited from Prince Arctic. Darkstalker stated once that she easily looks like an IceWing-NightWing hybrid, unlike himself, who resembles a pure NightWing except for a row of white scales under his wings, and his serrated wing-claw. Arctic uses Whiteout's beauty to gain attention from the NightWings (which works successfully). Darkstalker doubted several times Arctic actually loved his daughter, as he has shown no care for her feelings.

Biography Edit

Darkstalker (Legends) Edit

Whiteout and Darkstalker were in the same clutch of eggs, but Darkstalker's egg hatched first, on a night with three full moons, while Whiteout's egg stayed still and didn't hatch until the next day, when the moons were no longer full. Darkstalker could have cracked open Whiteout's egg so she could also be born on the brightest night, but chose not to after seeing some undesirable futures.

Whiteout is first seen in their home, trying to block out the sound of her parents' argument with her wings. Darkstalker comes in and comforts her, before jutting into his parents' frenzied quarrel.

She was later seen at the NightWing school beside Clearsight, accompanied by Darkstalker. During the afternoon, Whiteout approached Clearsight to ask her if she is the dragon that her brother was looking for. Listener, who is beside Clearsight, talks about how strange Whiteout is and refers to her as "Weirdout" as she approaches them.

Clearsight sees Whiteout again later, walking and mumbling to herself. Whiteout accidentally walked right over a game of marbles three other NightWings were playing and scattered the marbles all over the place with her tail without noticing a thing. The NightWings then started yelling and insulting Whiteout before Darkstalker “materialized out of the shadows,” and stopped them. When he told Whiteout why the dragons were upset and asks her to apologize, she responded with, "Oh, I thought the marbles represented chaos theory and I was just another unpredictable whim of the universe."

During dinner when Arctic reveals Darkstalker is an animus, Whiteout referred to Clearsight as 'azure on the inside' and says "That's all right; he's not going to snow for a while," about Darkstalker's soul.

After Clearsight and Darkstalker frantically flew to his home to find Foeslayer, Whiteout is found keening, as if in pain, in the living room, which Arctic reveals she has been doing for the past hour. Clearsight and Darkstalker comforted her. 

At Queen Vigiliance's glass jubilee festival, Whiteout played scales-and-squares along with Darkstalker and Fathom at the game area. There, she meets Thoughtful when Clearsight interrupts Listener's flirting to introduce Whiteout to him. According to Clearsight, Thoughtful and Whiteout were destined for great love together, while Listener and him would be merely happy, yet missing something. When Whiteout first saw Thoughtful, she commented on how shiny his scales were and talked about his glass sculptor in her funny way of speaking. Thoughtful seemed to understand everything she was saying and was surprised and delighted that someone "saw the pieces of scroll inside the waves" in his glasswork. Thoughtful then challenged Whiteout to a game of scroll tower, which she gladly accepted, saying that he was going to die of awe. 

One morning, Whiteout is found lying awake with a new necklace and talking uncharacteristically normally, which she describes as not sounding right. She is then brought by her father across the Sand Kingdom towards the Ice Kingdom before being stopped by Darkstalker. She explains to him that she wants to go with Arctic, and that she always hated him, at which point Darkstalker realizes her necklace is enchanted by Arctic so Whiteout will follow him. Darkstalker then writes a spell to make Arctic obey his every order and commanded him to smash the necklace he enchanted. Rather dazed, Whiteout then flew back to the Night Kingdom and present for her father's violent self-disembowelment. After Arctic died, she is shown crying and being comforted by Thoughtful.

Personality Edit

Whiteout is shown to be a caring dragon, and she appears to be a happy optimist. This is shown from the paintings of her family, where she made things appear happier than they really were. She is shown to care a lot for her brother before he went insane. She seems to be very emotional, as shown during her parent's fight at the beginning of Darkstalker, as well as when Darkstalker enchanted Arctic near the end to obey every command Darkstalker says. She also seems to believe that everyone shares a collective brain, and her knowledge has already been distributed across the rest of the world.

Family Tree Edit

Animus IceWings
(Frostbite, Penguin)
Queen Diamond
Princess Snowfox
Prince Arctic
Unnamed Daughter

Quotes Edit

"Oh, I thought the marbles represented chaos theory and I was just another unpredictable whim of the universe. I did not intend to disrupt your faith in controllable outcomes."

"Tangerine. Probability. Spelunking."- she is saying random words to Thoughtful.

"I think you should teach me glassblowing, and I should teach you clarity."

"Amazing. You are going to die of awe."

"WINNER! Empress of all scales and queen of all squares! Weep for your tokens, adversaries!"

"Definitely azure on the inside. I like the way she knits." -About Clearsight.

"Clearsight has your scroll. She said to tell you she'll meet you at Agate Mountain."

"I had an apple like that once."

"I'm grateful to be unfrozen, but I'm sorry for winning." '-When Whiteout gets released from her spell."

"In this turn of the hourglass, yes. But when I crush you with my heart piece, then everything flips."-While playing scales-and-squares after Darkstalker said he was winning at life.

"You made the Cascade of Dreams. Words and glass, spun flutes and verse. Waterfalls of language in fire-blown claws."

Prophecies Edit

"That's all right, he's not going to snow for a while." -About Darkstalker's animus magic, probably talking about the Soul Reader.

"It's too late. The sand is falling." -When Darkstalker begins to go insane, probably talking about the Soul Reader.

"Only one of us will, depending on who loses the future"-To Darkstalker about seeing Foeslayer again

"The hole is too big. We're going to fall into it forever." -When Darkstalker begins to go insane.

"You're the one going into the wild"- To Darkstalker as he is prepearing to go to the party where he will meet Fathom.

Trivia Edit

  • Whiteout is the third confirmed and named hybrid that has appeared in the series, the second being her brother, Darkstalker, the first being Sunny, although there has also been a fourth and fifth hybrid, Typhoon, an IceWing/SeaWing hybrid, who appeared in Darkness of Dragons, and the fifth, Peacemaker, a NightWing/RainWing hybrid.
  • Whiteout has illustrated many drawings of NightWings and IceWings living peacefully together, all drawn in shades of blue, which hints that she wishes that her family, or the tribes they are from, could live peacefully together despite their differences. It is also stated she has painted the three moons, constellations, and the night sky, which shows her love of painting and might also hint at a delicately crafted metaphor on the NightWings and IceWings. Darkstalker told Clearsight he called it her Wishful Thinking series.
  • In Talons of Power, Sunny is confirmed to be descended from Whiteout. Whiteout had eggs with Thoughtful, who was shown to be destined to be with her, according to Clearsight's vision. This is the only known possible way for the NightWings to have inherited the animus gene, considering Darkstalker never had dragonets before Clearsight gave him the animus-touched bracelet that had sent him into his two thousand year sleep. This is further proven when Darkstalker admits it in Talons of Power.
  • Whiteout once said that Clearsight was "azure on the inside." This could imply that she is good inside, which would explain why Whiteout does most of her paintings in shades of blue (blue means 'good' to her). She also said 'I like the way she knits' about Clearsight, which could possibly mean the way she looks through the threads of timelines, similar to knitting.
  • Whiteout once said to Darkstalker, "Only one of us will, depending on who loses the future" about reuniting with Foeslayer. This prophecy-like statement was foreshadowing Darkstalker and Foeslayer's reunion in Darkness of Dragons.
  • A whiteout is a storm in which it is very hard to see because of a heavy snowfall.
  • Tui recently confirmed that Whiteout has the same powers as Darkstalker does. However, since she was born a day later than expected, (and she's suspected to have a mental disability), her powers were pushed "deep inside." This is shown when she tells Darkstalker "he's not going to snow for a while." hinting he will eventually turn evil.
  • Whiteout is the first dragon shown to own a toy.
  • She is the second NightWing seen in the series to have artistic gifts, the first being Mightyclaws.
  • She is also the second dragon shown to have artistic talents, the first being Fathom and the third being Mightyclaws.
  • Since Sunny is a hybrid and yet is still an heir to the SandWing throne, Whiteout is an heir to the IceWing throne due to her being Queen Diamond's granddaughter.
  • Tui hasn't decided whether Whiteout's blood is blue or red.
  • Tui confirmed Whiteout lived a happy life with Thoughtful and her dragonets after the events of Darkstalker: Legends.
  • It is possible that Whiteout has PTSD, due to watching her father be disemboweled by her brother. Whether this is true or not is unknown.
  • Whiteout may only see things in blue, as shown in her paintings, where she painted everything in different shades of blue and nothing else.
  • Along with associative synesthia, Whiteout may have autism.
  • Whiteout is the first known dragon with a mental disability.

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