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Not to be confused with the Wings of Fire: Winglets, which are short e-books in the series.

Winglets are a group system for the classes of dragonets at Jade Mountain Academy. There are seven dragons or dragonets in each winglet, one from each of the seven dragon tribes. Groups of two or three dragonets from a winglet share a cave, making them clawmates. There are currently five winglets.


Jade Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Winter and Qibli
  • Moonwatcher, Kinkajou, and Carnelian
  • Turtle and Umber

Gold Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Icicle and Sora
  • Tamarin and Onyx
  • Bigtail, Pike, and Flame

Silver Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Anemone and Ostrich

Copper Winglet Edit


Known clawmates:

  • Marsh and Coconut

Quartz Winglet Edit


Known clawmates: None


  • Books six through ten appear to focus on the Jade Winglet.
  • Anemone, Turtle, Icicle, and Winter are the only known royal figures in the winglets.

Gallery Edit

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