"Who cares about them? They can't inherit the throne."
—To Tsunami after being asked why Queen Coral never mentioned Tsunami's 32 brothers

Queen Coral is an adult female SeaWing and the current ruler of her tribe. She has written countless scrolls, many being about herself and her kingdom. Because of the destruction of of the Summer Palace, Coral now resides in the Deep Palace.

Appearance Edit

Queen Coral has deep blue scales and stains on her claws from the ink she uses for writing scrolls[2]. She has enormous blue wings,[3] green eyes,[4] and often has pearls wrapped around her wings, horns, and neck. She also has a narwhal horn attached to the very tip of her tail. (She used it to defend herself against Princess Orca in a challenge for the throne of the Sea Kingdom, inadvertently killing her.) She is said to look very similar to her eldest living daughter, Tsunami.

Biography Edit


Queen Coral is the mother of Orca, Tsunami, Anemone, Auklet, Turtle,Fin as well as 30 other male dragonets and her 12 dead daughters that were killed by Orca's Statue. She is supposedly "one of the greatest queens in SeaWing history". She likes to write, as she wrote The Missing Princess for Tsunami after her egg was stolen by Webs, and she wrote The Tragedy of Orca after Orca's death, which was an accident, along with many other stories. Queen Coral had many dragonets with her mate, King Gill. However, her firstborn, Orca, tried to challenge her at the age of seven but lost when Queen Coral accidentally impaled her with the narwhal horn that was attached at the end of her tail. After that, all of the female heirs (not including Tsunami, Anemone, and Auklet) were murdered before they even hatched by a statue that Orca carved and brought to life using her animus power, known by many as Orca's statue, therefore turning it into an animus-touched object. Before this was discovered by Tsunami, in order to keep Princess Anemone from being killed, Queen Coral had watched over the egg herself, giving up her queenly duties for a year. During that year King Gill disappeared in the War of SandWing Succession, in which the SeaWings were allied with Blister. This may have been due to interference by Deathbringer. It was later revealed he was imprisoned in the Sky Kingdom, and killed by Tsunami, not knowing he was her father.

The Lost Heir Edit

When Shark and Riptide and some other SeaWing guards bring Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny to the Summer Palace, they wait for Queen Coral on the top pavilion. A little while later, Queen Coral and Anemone come through the tunnel to the Summer Palace and all the SeaWings bow. Tsunami notices Anemone harnessed to the queen. Coral hugs Tsunami and calls her "[her] baby." She says that she knew Tsunami would come back, and Anemone complains that she hurt her claws. Queen Coral licks them quickly and then tells Anemone that Tsunami was her sister. Tsunami tells them her name, and Coral asks Tsunami where Webs is. Coral says he was a coward and a deserter, and says "it [wouldn't] be a quick death" when she found him. Sunny tells them not to hurt him, and then Coral notices the other dragonets and asks why there was a MudWing there. Tsunami says that they are her friends, and they are the dragonets of destiny. Coral decides to have them meet Blister, and says to "make sure they don't go anywhere." She tells some guards to put Clay, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny in Blister's cave. Tsunami tries to convince her not to do that, but Coral says it's for their own safety. She tells Lagoon to get some food for their "guests," and Tsunami tells the guards that they don't have to tie the dragonets up because they will go with the guards. Glory says that "nobody touches [her]", but finally Tsunami calms Glory down, and Coral says that she and Tsunami will talk somewhere else.

Coral gives Tsunami some pearls that were on her horns, and when Tsunami asks to talk alone, Coral dismisses the council. Tsunami asks what's wrong with Riptide, and Coral says that their "bloodline is tainted" because Webs is his father. When the Council has left, Coral explains that Anemone stays with her always, and suggests that Tsunami should have a harness as well. Tsunami says no, and tells her mother that she doesn't know Aquatic. Coral is very surprised and asked what Tsunami does know. Tsunami tells her mother, and Anemone asks when she gets to learn those kinds of things. Coral replies "when [she] thinks [Anemone is] ready." When they finish talking about studying, Coral asks Tsunami what the Talons of Peace did to her. Tsunami says they were horrible to them (and gets into details) and Coral calls her "[her] poor, poor baby." Tsunami asks about the stains on her claws, and Coral takes Tsunami to show her her scrolls. Coral remarks that Orca, her first daughter, was a "very talented sculptor." After Tsunami meets Whirlpool, Queen Coral gives Tsunami some scrolls to read and tells her that she wrote all of them, and she wrote The Missing Princess for Tsunami. When Moray comes and gives news about a dead SkyWing found "only a few islands from the Summer Palace," Coral gets ready to leave, and Tsunami, Anemone, and some other SeaWings come with them. They swim to the body, and Tsunami recognizes it as Kestrel.

After they swim back to the Summer Palace, Queen Coral goes to a war meeting on the Council level. After the meeting, Coral comes and takes Tsunami to a room where she, Anemone, and Coral sleep. While the queen is still asleep, Anemone talks to Tsunami, but then they have to end their talk because the queen is waking up. After she fully wakes up, they go to the Council level. She gets into the QUEEN pool with Anemone, and some other dragons come with food. The queen finally notices that Tsunami doesn't have a pool, and tells her to get into the pool labeled "DRAGONET CARE". When Tsunami eats an octopus tentacle without noticing no one else has started eating yet, Queen Coral comments that since she was "raised by barbarians," she couldn't know any better. After a while, the queen tells Pearl, Shark, and Whirlpool to report about their specific jobs, and tells Lagoon to give the dragonets (except Tsunami) the breakfast leftovers. When Moray comments that Queen Coral's scrolls are "the most important subject [the dragonets at school] study", Tsunami is surprised, and asks, "[if that is] more important than [learning] how to fight the war?". Coral replies that her writing is about everything. The queen then tells Whirlpool to give Tsunami lessons in Aquatic. She tells Piranha to report, and Piranha replies that there was still no information about the dead SkyWing. Then a war patrol comes in and reports that "strange things are happening in the Sky Kingdom" (because of Queen Scarlet going missing), and Tsunami realizes that the SeaWings are both badly hurt. She suggests that someone look at their injuries, and Queen Coral talks with them a little more and then tells them to go. The conversation turns to Gill and the Sky Kingdom, and the Council wonders what might have happened in the Sky Kingdom. Tsunami says that that might have been caused by her and the dragonets, and when Coral asks her about Gill, Tsunami remembers that she killed him, and says that he died in the arena. Coral tells her that Gill was Tsunami's father, and says that "[she] must grieve."

Whirlpool takes Tsunami for an Aquatic lesson, and when Tsunami gets back to Coral on the library level, she is talking about Gill, and Tsunami tells Coral that someone just tried to kill her. Coral says that they must protect the eggs, and when they are finally ready to go to the Deep Palace, they swim there, and Coral realizes that one of her eggs is broken. She kills Tortoise, the hatchery's guard, for not protecting the eggs. Tsunami decides to protect the last remaining egg (Auklet's egg). Coral asks Tsunami what she is doing, and says the egg will be safe in the hatchery if she puts all her guards on it. Coral then tells the two princesses what she did to have Anemone's egg hatch, and Tsunami realizes that the cave her friends are in might be flooded from the rain. She goes off with the egg in a harness (after they get the harness) and Coral is not seen again until after Tsunami frees her friends and goes to sleep in a high, dry cave with them and Sunny protecting the egg. Then they realize that Blister was there, and Blister tells Queen Coral where the dragonets are. At breakfast, Tsunami loudly tells Coral how her friends were treated, and Coral seems surprised. She sends Lagoon and Shark to the dungeon temporarily. Later at breakfast, she tells Blister about finding Kestrel's body (although she still doesn't know who the SkyWing is) and Sunny recognizes the description as Kestrel. Coral asks Tsunami why she didn't tell her, and Blister "covers" for her. Then Coral, Whirlpool, and Anemone go off, with Tsunami, to show Blister how "[her] secret weapon is coming along." Tsunami realizes that Anemone is an animus. Then, they find Webs and Riptide, and Coral orders them both to be put in the dungeon. After Tsunami defeats Orca's statue, Coral is mentioned to have smashed it to bits. She is present when Tsunami names Auklet. Then Coral decides that the dragonets should go in the dungeon again, and is not seen for the rest of the book.

The Brightest Night Edit

Coral briefly appears at Burn's Stronghold at the very end.

Moon Rising Edit

She also appears when dropping Anemone and Turtle off at Jade Mountain Academy.

Talons of Power Edit

She is seen watching Auklet play in the garden in the bubble jets when Turtle comes to warn her about Anemone. Turtle mentions that he's sorry he didn't save the eggs. She surprises him by saying that it wasn't his fault and that Snapper wasn’t at the Summer Palace. She apologizes for Gill because Gill is dead, and couldn't apologize. She asks for his name and then said she would remember it this time. After they are there for a while, a messenger comes with news that a dragon knows about some changes in the Sky Kingdom (Ruby becoming queen) and then she leaves with Auklet to go find out.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Turtle is shown reading a letter she sent to him, also receiving a story she wrote.

Personality Edit

Queen Coral first appeared to be a loving queen and mother to Tsunami, like the scrolls said, which she may have written. However, she did not show concern to the injured SeaWing nearly bleeding to death, worrying about her floor instead. She resents and outcasts Riptide for having a "tainted bloodline", even though it wasn't his fault that his father, Webs, turned out to be a traitor to his tribe, stealing Tsunami's egg for the Talons of Peace. She said that Shark was too soft on Tortoise by letting her eat an octopus instead of being in the nursery. Tortoise's punishment was torture, followed quickly by death.

Despite this, she is fiercely protective of her daughters and truly cares about them, even though someday they will challenge her for the throne like Princess Orca did. Queen Coral still loved and missed her first daughter Orca, despite the fact that she nearly killed her. She showed no mercy to Tortoise when she failed her, along with the guards who were drugged when Webs stole Tsunami's egg. But during the SkyWing attack, she flung her scrolls into the water to avoid them catching fire to save the many SeaWings inside the Summer Palace. She has a fondness for writing and loves her scrolls, wanting every dragon in her kingdom to read them. In The Brightest Night, the MudWing queen, Queen Moorhen, refers to them as "silly, romantic scrolls". Tsunami describes her as an overprotective mother.

Queen Coral is overall a kind queen, but she seems to be a bit selfish, as she tends to care more about her personal interests and her loved ones than her tribe as a whole. She is also highly protective of her daughters and would kill anyone who endangers them or her eggs that are soon-to-be daughters. This is shown by Anemone being attached to her by a corded harness, which Tsunami refuses to be fitted for. However, Anemone is released from the harness and Auklet is attached to Queen Coral's chest with a harness at the end of the book, since the newborn dragonet needed more care and protection than Anemone did. Princes are barely any concern, as Queen Coral cannot even recall most of their names. Queen Coral also has trouble making her own choices and is easily persuaded. In The Lost Heir, she let Blister convince her to imprison the dragonets, even though one of them was her own daughter, Tsunami. She also may have been the one who allowed the other dragonets, excluding Tsunami, to be chained and starved, though this is not fully proven.

Known Scrolls WrittenEdit

  • On the Differences Between Oysters and Clams
  • The Missing Princess
  • The Tragedy of Orca
  • A scroll on how she chose Gill as her husband
  • A Tail of Blood
  • The Claws of Murder

Family Tree Edit

Commander Shark
Queen Coral
King Gill
Princess Moray
Prince Fin
Prince Cerulean
Prince Turtle
Prince Octopus
28 Unnamed Sons
Princess Orca
Princess Tsunami
Princess Anemone
Princess Auklet

Quotes Edit

"I wrote it for you!" - About The Missing Princess to Tsunami

"My baby!" - Rushing in to hug Tsunami

"Naturally I forgive my long-lost daughter any accidental impudence." - To the Council about Tsunami

"Where are the dragonets!? Where is my daughter!? Where is my egg!?"

"As we all know, she was raised by barbarians." - To the council about Tsunami

"Those are our guests, not intruders."

"What do you think you're doing?"

"WHY IS THERE A MUDWING IN MY SUMMER PALACE?!" - About Clay in the summer palace

"Who cares about them? They can't inherit the throne." - Said to Tsunami when she demanded why she never mentioned her 32 brothers.

"Which one are you again?" - To Turtle

"And don't you think he's very handsome?" - To Tsunami about Whirlpool

Trivia Edit

  • She smashed Orca's statue after realizing it was animus-enchanted.
  • Because of Albatross being part IceWing, Queen Coral is of IceWing descent. However, since it has been 2000 years since his time, the IceWing gene has most likely been almost completely bred out.
  • She has three daughters and thirty-two sons.
  • Coral has shown to be mostly concerned about her daughters and not her sons, due to the fact that only females can inherit the throne. She even states this out loud to Tsunami in Moon Rising. However, she seems to be learning to care more about her sons, as shown in Talons of Power when she is affectionate towards Turtle, and in Darkness of Dragons when she sent Turtle a letter. It was revealed in Talons of Power that Queen Coral had so many sons because she was trying so hard to hatch a female heir to the SeaWing throne that she had a lot of male eggs.
  • Queen Coral does not like the Talons of Peace due to the fact that one of them, Webs, stole Tsunami as an egg. This hate of them goes further, as she tells Tsunami to not be around Riptide, Webs's only son.
  • Queen Coral is mentioned numerous times to have the same scale color as Tsunami.
  • Queen Coral is a writer and has ink marks on her talons that can never fade. Tsunami thought that it was blood the first time she saw the stains.
  • Most of her works are published in water-proof scrolls and thin stone tablets that are required to be read at schools.
  • She is one of two queens to rule their tribe the entire series, the other is Queen Moorhen.
  • Queen Coral was described as having a forked tongue in The Lost Heir. This was a mistake, since only SandWings, NightWings, and IceWings have forked tongues.

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References Edit

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