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"You have ten seconds to give me back my scavenger before I slice your face off."
—Winter to Moonwatcher in Moon Rising.

Prince Winter is a young IceWing prince and the nephew of Queen Glacier, first appearing in Moon Rising as a student at Jade Mountain Academy. He attends the school as a member of the Jade Winglet. He is the main protagonist of Winter Turning. Winter kept a scavenger named Bandit as a pet (during Moon Rising) in a cage that he made and decorated himself. But in the beginning of Winter Turning, he released Bandit into the wild, knowing that the scavenger would perish in the below freezing temperatures of the Ice Kingdom if Winter brought him back home.  

Kinkajou may have had a crush on him. She had thoughts describing him as "sparkly" in Moon Rising. However, Winter has romantic feelings for Moonwatcher, although he doesn't want to admit it, knowing his parents wouldn't approve of it. Not only do NightWings and IceWings hate each other because a long time ago, Foeslayer of the Nightwings supposedly "stole" Prince Arctic, the last Icewing animus; but also IceWings don't seem to actually like the other tribes, thinking that they are superior. At the end of Winter Turning, the story of Foeslayer and Arctic was revealed to be a lie that Queen Diamond made up and Winter discovered that he actually sympathises with Foeslayer, as he loves Moon in the way that Arctic loved Foeslayer.

Appearance Edit

Winter has bright, smooth, glittering scales like overlapping chips of ice[1] as pale blue as a frozen ocean. His scales turn a darker blue around his spine and the edges of his glittering, silver-blue wings[2][3], and have actually been described as silver[4], snow-white[5], or bright white[6] as well. He has sharp, cold, dark blue eyes[7] and silver claws[8]. Winter has been noted to be broader than Qibli, but not any bigger. He has been described as incredibly handsome and beautiful by other dragons, and 'shiny and sparkly' by some RainWings, such as Kinkajou and several hatchlings.


Moon RisingEdit

Winter went to the Jade Mountain Academy with his sister, Icicle. He first approached Moonwatcher, threatening to slice off her face after she has caught his pet scavenger in the prey center because he thought that she was going to eat him like most dragons would. Qibli soon stepped in to negotiate and make sure no one's face gets sliced off. Later on, Moon got a vision and warned Winter about the incoming explosion in the history cave, but after the fire, Winter got suspicious about how she knew about it threatened her later that he would tell everyone that Moon caused the explosion unless she could tell him how she knew the explosion would happen. He seems to be confused about how he feels about Moon, sometimes he appears to find her interesting and kind, yet sometimes thinks she is "like all other NightWings", especially after Moon's confession to her abilities (mind-reading and precognition), when he thought she's always been mysterious and untrustworthy, because "a NightWing's a NightWing". He hated the NightWings even more after they killed all the IceWing prisoners of Queen Scarlet, including (as he mistakenly believed) his brother Hailstorm. He was constantly comparing himself to his brother, which shows that he looks up to Hailstorm. Moonwatcher mentioned that he hates himself more than anyone else she knew. He appeared later in the story when Icicle tried to kill Starflight in the library. During a discussion with Icicle and Moon, he found out that Hailstorm is still alive because Scarlet had kept him hidden and away from the arena. Icicle told Winter that Scarlet would free Hailstorm if she killed the dragonets of destiny, but Winter helped Moon stop her anyway. Icicle escapes from Jade Mountain Academy a few moments later. Shortly after that Winter disappeared with his scavenger. The rest of the Jade Winglet found him outside near Jade Mountain.

Winter Turning Edit

In the prologue, Hailstorm took Winter out to the Sky Kingdom to find a scavenger den so he can get a pet scavenger, saying they are going to "satisfy the crazy obsession of his". When the brothers are confronted by fourteen SkyWings, Hailstorm negotiates and tells them to let Winter go and take him instead, saying that Winter can't 'fight for anything' and is 'worthless'. Winter tries to protest but Hailstorm told him to leave, and that he is being a 'mewling RainWing in front of their enemies'. The SkyWing leader told Winter she will be 'more merciful' than Hailstorm and let him go, so Winter guiltily flew away. At the end, Hailstorm's guilt at hurting Winter was seen, and relief that his brother (whom he knew is NOT useless, but Winter's current ranking would make him not worth rescuing) has escaped. Winter was also seen wondering if that's what Hailstorm really thought, and his guilt at leaving his brother.

After Moon told Winter about her powers, Winter believed that she was "just like any other NightWing" and doesn't trust her anymore, scared about what she had seen in his head. He's afraid that being seen next to a NightWing could result in him being exiled for the rest of his life or kept in the seventh circle. He planned to find Icicle in the rainforest, then somehow ditch the other dragonets and get to the Ice Kingdom. However, the other dragonets found him when he is about to depart and convince him to travel with them.

They got to the Rainforest Kingdom and Winter was disgusted by all the fruit and warmth and colours and noise, ("What self-respecting bird would need to have red, yellow, blue, and green feathers?"). He sees a sloth and tries to eat it, but in doing so he gets slammed in the side by a tail and sees a flash of red. He thinks he saw Queen Scarlet or another SkyWing and tries to fight the dragon, but Kinkajou talks to the dragon that turns out to be Exquisite, one of the former RainWing queens (who was very angry about Winter trying to eat one of her sloths). He and the Jade Winglet continue into the forest, and Moon reunites with her mother. As she does, Deathbringer tries to arrest him, pinning him to the ground, mistaking him for Icicle. He is released later and after a short talk with Queen Glory, the Winglet is placed in the dragonet hatchery. Winter and the Jade Winglet escape by Kinkajou distracting the dragonets and freezing a hole in the wall.

They start searching in the NightWing tunnel, leading to the old Night Kingdom. They find Icicle there and see that she kept herself awake for days and is badly injured from the lava, burning herself to stay awake. She tries to kill Kinkajou, but Glory catches Icicle with a tranquilizer dart and brings her to the RainWing healers. Before Icicle passes out, Winter tells her to get proof that Hailstorm is alive from Scarlet's dreamvisitor, and he will kill Glory himself. Moon finds out what he said to her, but trusts him that he wouldn't actually do it. She also gets a clue of where Scarlet may have been and they start searching by asking the Talons of Peace.

While they travel, Winter is attacked by Squid, who is "practicing stealth". He is scolded by Riptide, and Moon shows a drawing of the place where Scarlet may have been. Riptide leads them to two SkyWings, Avalanche and a very shy, strange dragon with the Talons of Peace called Pyrite, a SkyWing dragoness that is a strange bright orange color. Pyrite acts very strangely, causing Winter to suspect that she might be an animus. Later, he tells Moon about this, but she doesn't agree with his suspicions. She leads them to the place where Scarlet may have been, and Winter and the others start to search for Hailstorm. When the night falls, Winter finds Scarlet in his dream, as she has a dreamvisitor. Scarlet threatens him and says that her prison for Hailstorm is way too clever to be broken by anyone. He takes off his skyfire and demands that Moon make him wake up.

When Moon does, they find out that Scarlet had seen them. Moon, Qibli, and Winter start searching for her while Kinkajou and Pyrite stay behind. They locate Scarlet, learning that Pyrite had to do something with Hailstorm. Before they go back to interrogate Pyrite, they see that Scarlet's companion is a NightWing.When they get back, Kinkajou is attacked by Scarlet's companion, who got away after Winter and Moon attacked him. She is brutally injured. Winter corners Pyrite, who claims she knows nothing of Hailstorm. Winter rips off her necklace, revealing that Hailstorm has been under the mask all along.

The dragonets travel to Possibility to get a doctor for Kinkajou. Winter, Qibli, and Hailstorm have to wait outside. They attract attention when Hailstorm runs off, recognizing a SkyWing that he had known as Pyrite, and the SkyWing is angered by this. A SandWing named Meerkat solves the problem, then proceeds to take them to a doctor named Mayfly. As Kinkajou is being treated, Qibli and Winter test out the necklace. He tells Qibli to take it off after two minutes or less. He returns to the mind of Pyrite, but Qibli takes it off as instructed. Winter clears out his thoughts, revealing that he does like Moon.

Winter decides to take Hailstorm back to the Kingdom of Ice and not return. His friends feel that he is not coming back, but said they would wait one week at Possibility. As they go to the Ice Kingdom, Hailstorm starts to remember his old self after seeing the Great Ice Cliff, an animus enchanted structure that kills any dragon that isn't an IceWing. But few dragons manage to get through at some points. They enter the Kingdom, and Winter's parents are waiting for him. They take Hailstorm to ask his side of the story, and Winter is placed in the First Circle for rescuing Hailstorm, however, Hailstorm is placed in the Seventh Circle for getting captured in the first place. He was torn between the Diamond Trial or exile, but he didn't want to be exiled after coming back home, so he chooses the Diamond Trial.

Winter and Hailstorm compete, and their objective is to find the Frozen Dragon in the cave, and kill it. They are given animus-enchanted diamond-tipped spears, and enter. As they enter the cave, the two dragons see many frozen dragons in the cave, which are the ones who have lost the trial. But there is one dragon they recognize to be THE frozen dragon. Winter brings it back to life with the spear, as she introduces herself as Foeslayer, the mother of Darkstalker. Winter goes and tells Hailstorm to kill her, letting himself lose. Hailstorm reluctantly does so, and Winter notices that he isn't dead.

Hailstorm reveals that the IceWings already choose who wins, and they secretly tell the winner that after they kill Foeslayer, they have to kill the other dragon as well. And their father chose Hailstorm to win. Winter tells Hailstorm to escape without killing him, and Winter is presumed dead to the IceWings. He also decides to bring Foeslayer back to life again and free her. Winter decides at the end to stay loyal to his friends and come back for them while freeing her.

Escaping Peril Edit

He is seen briefly while returning to Possibility with Foeslayer. He encounters Peril at the edge of town and attacks, thinking she is working for Scarlet. Peril tries not to hurt him, but when she tries to get away from Winter, they both collide in mid-air. Winter falls to the ground, burnt and at the brink of death. When Winter is sure he will die, he says, "Moon. Tell Moon-", most likely wanting Peril to tell Moon that he loves her. However, Turtle comes and uses his animus-touched rock to heal Winter's burns.

At the end of the book, Winter argues with Qibli over who gets to use the talisman after they had stolen it from Chameleon. After they decide that nobody will use it and they wouldn't return it to Darkstalker, in the morning, they discover that Moon fled with the scroll. They catch up to her, and Winter was very worried about her setting him free.

After that they get the scroll back from Moon, Qibli and Winter start to fight over who should get it.

Talons of PowerEdit

Winter is first shown flying above Darkstalker with Peril. As they begin talking to the massive dragon, he begins to accuse Darkstalker. Though, Darkstalker "does something" to him, causing him to stop the accusations. He begins to actually say nice things to and about Darkstalker, making Winter's friends worry. Moon tells Darkstalker not to enchant her friends using his animus power, while Winter and Darkstalker reply at the same time that Darkstalker was not, although he most likely was enchanting Winter.

Later, Winter is seen outside of Jade Mountain with Moon, Peril, and Qibli. When Turtle confronts the dragonets, saying he doesn't trust Darkstalker, Winter says that Turtle needs to just spend more time with Darkstalker, still obviously enchanted. Beside him, Qibli jokingly states that he would agree, and would trust Darkstalker, if it wasn't Winter who was saying nice things about the 2,000 year old NightWing. Winter leaves soon after.

Later, Turtle goes to Winter and Qibli's cave to ask to sleep there. Qibli says yes, but Winter said he wouldn't want any more snoring in his cave. Qibli asks what Darkstalker did, and Turtle tells them both what he did. Qibli said that he wondered why he was doing that, and Winter said he was just trying to make friends and be kind. They have a little argument, part of it being about Winter being enchanted. Winter says Darkstalker saving Stonemover is proof that he's a good dragon with a good heart. Qibli asks how he would know, and Winter snootily leaves. It is assumed that he told Darkstalker about that conversation, as Qibli guessed.

Later, it is revealed that there is still a timeline where Winter and Moon get together, so it is evident that Winter still loves Moon.

Darkness of Dragons Edit

Winter is seen watching Moon leaving with Darkstalker. When approached, he claims that he is watching the sunset and Qibli says he is doing the same. Winter awkwardly states that Darkstalker will take care of Moon and QIbli responds that Moon can take care of herself, noting that Winter isn't acting like himself and must be under some sort of spell.

More flying in soon...

Personality Edit

Winter, to the common eye, is brash, cold, short-tempered, and arrogant, most likely because of his parents' disapproval of him. However, underneath he actually hates and criticizes himself more than anyone else, and he appears to have feelings for Moonwatcher, although to hide this, he tries to act arrogant and proud, although he let this act down a few times. He can be a bit snobbish, and believes he should get special privileges for being Queen Glacier's nephew. He is also shown to be very interested in scavengers, and even cares about Bandit, his pet scavenger. One of Winter's more closely guarded secrets is that his family doesn't like him as much as Winter wants others to believe; for example, Icicle described him as "weak" for not hating other dragon tribes. However, Moonwatcher reads his mind and thinks him brave and kind underneath. Winter appears to be the kindest out of his family, as the others are very rude and love to kill, with the exception of Queen Glacier. He is also shown to have compassion, for he leaves a polar bear alone because the animal had cubs, and took interest in a scavenger in a similar situation, saying it seemed to look the same way at the polar bears as he did. Even though this choice ended with his punishment, he went through with leaving it alone anyway. He is also very interested in scavengers, saying if he were an animus, he would give the gift of observing them. In Talons of Power, he seems to have been enchanted by Darkstalker, changing his personality whenever somebody talks about Darkstalker around him, and making him more open and kind.  

Relationships Edit

Moonwatcher Edit

A love interest. He first met Moon when she found his scavenger, Bandit, after he'd escaped. He immediately demanded his scavenger back and said he would slice her face off if she didn't give him back Bandit. She eventually gave Bandit back after a long argument. Winter, at first seems to not completely understand Moon. He sometimes would thinks she's kind and friendly and admires her silver teardrop shaped scales at the corner of her eyes, but most of the time he thinks she's "like all NightWings," meaning being mysterious and untrustworthy. Winter seemed to have strong feelings for her but he hid it well, trying to cover his thoughts with thoughts his parents would approve of. Later on in Winter Turning, he admits multiple times that he's in love with Moon and he shouldn't be since she's a NightWing. In Winter Turning, it is highly possible that he only engaged in an argument with Moon and later leaving because he believed that if he didn't, he would only cause more harm than good, as only IceWings can survive in his kingdom, where he have to rescue Hailstorm to. He believed that only by leaving once and for all, he wouldn't have to hurt Moon's feeling more later on because he thought him and Moon isn't possible. However, by the end of Winter Turning, he no longer cares what anyone thinks and freely admits to himself he's in love with Moon, and would choose her over the Ice Kingdom and any IceWing any day. Towards Escaping Peril, Winter is still constantly arguing with her. But his feelings for her are still kept secret. This was shown when Peril burned him badly, towards the point where he would die. It is assumed he tried to tell Peril to tell Moon that he loved her. When Winter says Darkstalker has a horrible power (mind reading, precognition), Moon says "You mean my horrible power?" However, Winter still loves Moon because in his response to Qibli's statement; Winter was noted to have an "oddly heartbroken expression."

Qibli Edit

He is Winter's clawmate and friend. He also seems to have a crush on Moon. When Winter was hassling Moon about Bandit he stepped in and tried to help the situation. He was there by Winter's side most of the time in the books and was there to make sure he didn't hurt anybody (especially Moon). He becomes increasingly close to both Winter and Moon, and keeps naming himself as Winter's best friend, although Winter denies having any relationship with him. He continues to tease Winter and brings out his better side and their friendship does grow. He also knows how to make Winter NOT give up by pairing him up with Moon and giving him reality checks.

Kinkajou Edit

Kinkajou considers herself to be Winter's friend, but he appears to not acknowledge her existence.  As of Moon Rising, Kinkajou has a crush on Winter. Kinkajou admires his "sparkly scales", but he doesn't seem to notice. In Winter Turning, she showed multiple acts of kindness, none of which he seemed to care. After the attack from Chameleon, when the dragonets take Kinkajou to Possibility, Meerkat states that the doctor in the town was a MudWing. When Winter hears that, he recalls how other tribes say that MudWings would be too dumb to be doctors, and briefly wonders whether Possibility would be the right place to bring Kinkajou. When Kinkajou falls into a coma, he peeks inside the hospital window, only to be rejected by Mayfly. In the end of Winter Turning, he promises that he will come back to Moon, Qibli, and Kinkajou.

Icicle Edit

Icicle is Winter and Hailstorm's sister and the niece of Queen Glacier. She was always around him and other IceWings in school. When Winter found his sister trying to kill Starflight he tried to stop her and refused to help her when she asked him to kill the other dragonets of destiny even when finding out about Hailstorm. He was called weak and worthless by Icicle multiple times in the book, though this could be because she blames Winter for what happened to Hailstorm in the first place.

Hailstorm Edit

He is Winter and Icicle's brother. He was captured by Queen Scarlet and the SkyWings. Winter is constantly beating himself up about how he couldn't save him from being taken and hated the NightWings ever since they killed all the trapped IceWing prisoners in the SkyWing Arena, thinking one was his brother. He was called not being as smart or brave as Hailstorm by Icicle multiple times. Hailstorm often feels sorry for Winter, seen in the prologue of Winter Turning. In the book, it is revealed he was put under an animus enchantment and transformed into a female SkyWing named Pyrite. He fully recovers once he's back in the Ice Kingdom. Later, when it is revealed Hailstorm was to kill Winter to recover his rank in first place, he admits he does not want to kill Winter, because he cares for his brother. Winter suggests he'd wait until nightfall, and then he will sneak out of the Ice Kingdom. Hailstorm accepts, thanks Winter, and exits the maze so that it will only appear that he killed Winter.

Narwhal and Tundra Edit

Narwhal and Tundra are Winter's parents. They are very harsh to him and dislike his skills. He's often compared to that of his brother, Prince Hailstorm and his sister, Princess Icicle. Narwhal is shown to be angry whenever Winter fails to obey his orders. Winter feels like he always disappoints his parents and in Winter Turning, is shown to be correct. They despise him so much they are willing to sacrifice his life to get Hailstorm back to the First Circle. Narwhal also states that he never expected to see Hailstorm again, and never wanted to see Winter again, after Winter saves Hailstorm.

Queen Glacier Edit

Winter seems to greatly respect Glacier, stating many times she's a great Queen. When Winter sees Glacier in Winter Turning, on their way to the Diamond Trial, Queen Glacier has a polite conversation to Winter about Icicle and Queen Glory. She even appears to be sympathetic to Winter before the Diamond Trial.

Lynx Edit

She is a friend and maybe a possible love interest. Winter seemed to have liked Lynx before going to Jade Mountain and is unknown if he still has feelings. When he returned to the Ice Kingdom he saw her during the First Circle rearrangement. Winter mentioned that he had always thought her different coloured scales were pretty before he met Moon.

Family Tree Edit

Queen Glacier
Prince Narwhal
Princess Tundra
Princess Snowfall
Prince Hailstorm
Prince Winter
Princess Icicle


"You have ten seconds to give me back my scavenger before I slice your face off." - When Moon and Winter first meet in the beginning of Moon Rising

"Moon what? Come on, NightWing. We know your names are all lies. So what's yours? Moondestroyer? Mooneater? Mooncrusher?" - To Moonwatcher when when they first meet in Moon Rising

"I only mentioned it because it seems entirely obvious to me that the niece and nephew of the IceWing queen should each be given a private cave, so I wanted you to know we wouldn't have to be clawmates for very long, as there has clearly been some kind of mistake." - to Qibli, about Winter saying he is Queen Glacier's nephew.

"She thinks it's funny, but if she knew what I've been feeling- who I've been thinking about..." - (thought) about Icicle because of her amusement at Kinkajou's crush on Winter.

"Stop liking her. Remember what Father said: They're all liars. Be strong, be vigilant, strike first. Trust nobody. Not even interesting NightWings with silver teardrop scales." - Winter thinking about Moon in Moon Rising

"We're touching--she's-I'm-her scales against mine-I can't want this."- Before the explosion

"By all the snow monsters! What are you doing here?" - To Moon and the others at the end of Moon Rising

"I don't want them to come with me. In fact, if you could stick this SandWing in some quicksand while I get away from him, I will personally bring you a walrus to express my gratitude." - Winter about Qibli to Queen Glory

"He's an IceWing named Hailstorm. A couple of years older than me. The bravest dragon in Pyrrhia. Scarlet's prisoner for the last two years. You know where he is!" - to Pyrite

"I would have ripped off your tail and beaten you with it first." - Winter to Squid

"Terribly unimpressive. I haven't once said 'higgledgy-piggledgy' in my entire life. We would never allow such linguistic imprecision in the Ice Kingdom." - in response to some of Qibli's mocking

The look that said, If only we'd lost you instead of Hailstorm. If only you were everything an IceWing should be. - To himself in Winter Turning

"No. Not with more killing." - To Icicle

"It's not what I want; it's how things have to be. We can never be what I wanted us to be" - in Winter Turning

WE are doing no such thing, I am going to find him. JUST ME." - To Queen Glory and the others in Winter Turning

"I never liked you anyway! And I'm going to MURDER this NIGHTWING!" - To Kinkajou about Deathbringer

"I listen, when there is something worth hearing."

"Because happiness isn't where I am... it's who I'm with."

"Moon, tell Moon–" - To Peril when she burned him.

"Imagine what our Kingdom would be like if we still had animus dragons. What else would we have invented?" - To Foeslayer after the Diamond Trial.

"Sometimes I'm only sure of one thing, that I hope I never hurt you." - To Moon

"I can safely put her back in the category of Lying, Conniving NightWings I Hate" - His thoughts shortly after Moon reveals her powers to him

"I am not in love with an enemy I am sworn to hate" -to himself, about Moon

""What are we fighting for? A number on a wall? Your life is more important to me than the rankings, Hailstorm. "" - To Hailstorm during the Diamond Trial

"I leave for five days and you start working with a mass murderer?" -To Moon and Qibli about Peril


  • In the Scholastic forums, Tui wrote, "OK, dragging myself away to work now . . . there’s an IceWing in GREAT TURMOIL who kind of needs a hug . . ."
  • If Winter were an animus, he said that he'd create enchanted dens so that scavengers could survive in the freezing cold as well as have a safe place for them to live, so he could observe them more closely.
  • Winter is the second dragon to have been shown with a pet scavenger, the first being Smolder.
  • Winter is the one of two dragons to have been given a mantra by a parent, which is "Be strong, be vigilant, strike first. Trust nobody". The other dragon is Moonwatcher.
  • In Talons of Power, Darkstalker hints that there are timelines showing Moon getting together with either Winter or Qibli.
  • Winter is usally the coldest season of the year.
  • we know that winter is in love with moon.



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References Edit

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