Wisdom is a female NightWing described with a mutilated ear, due to being attacked by Tsunami. She appears only in the fourth book in the Wings of Fire series, The Dark Secret.

Biography Edit

The Dark Secret Edit

Wisdom was one of the guards by the magical tunnel between the Night Kingdom and the Rainforest Kingdom. Besides the other three NightWing guards that had rushed into the library to report to Mastermind that he was needed in the council chamber immediately, she had been one of the dragons who tried to kidnap Tsunami from the rainforest but was attacked in the process and failed. It was said that a SeaWing, who Starflight knew had to be Tsunami, had injured every one of the three NightWing guards and nearly bit Wisdom's ear off.

Trivia Edit

  • Wisdom is the first NightWing to have a name that is something other than referring to the grandness of some kind (ex: Greatness) or the literal names given to most NightWings (ex: Deathbringer)
  • Wisdom is one of the thirteen mentioned NightWings with a single word for a name.
  • The trait of wisdom means being smart and intelligent.

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